Less you, more them

Communication works best when it’s 2-ways. I talk about my stuff a little while you listen and give comments…then your turn to talk about your stuff and I’ll be your listener. This will be ideal.

Unfortunately, there are people who just cannot do this kind of ideal 2-ways communication. So what happens next? Well, it depends on what is the objective of this relationship with that other person.

Are you trying to impress the person? Are you trying to form a good relationship with the person? Or are you just treating the person as someone who listens and doesn’t talk much? Or perhaps….you don’t even care much about the person….all you care is you and you and you.

So if you are the type who wants to form a good and healthy relationship with someone, you should try to make the communication 2-ways. If it can’t, then focus more on the person. Let the person talk while you listen. Let the person open up more…and slowly, you will get your chance to share your stories.

Remember that everyone loves to talk about themselves. True, some people are good listeners, but don’t ever expect these good listeners to be listening forever. Sooner or later, they will be bored and start ignoring you.

So, stop focusing on yourself too much, and start focusing on them.

Less you, more them.


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