The best gift in the world

The best gift in the world is none other than time.

The time you spend….

  • Chatting with your family.
  • Accompanying your spouse to the clinic.
  • Listening to a troubled friend.
  • Having fun with your kids/nieces/nephews.
  • Caring for your aging parents.
  • Brainstorming a solution to a problem for your boss.
  • Walking in the park with your loved ones.
  • Attending your child’s birthday party or graduation.

The time you spend….by being there, 100%.

Simple as it is, it CAN mean a lot to your loved ones. Much more than you initially thought it is.

Remember that your time is your life. And nothing beats giving your life as a gift to your loved ones. Most often than not, giving your time (your life) as a gift can mean much much more than giving money, branded goods, or luxury items.

Just make sure that you’re giving it with a sincere heart, and will be there 100% and not half-heartedly. 🙂

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