Forgive, but not forget

Every time someone we know did something to us that we don’t like, we’ll be devastated or angry. It can be something as simple as not following a clear instruction, to something as complicated and as heart-wrenching as betrayal. And whenever things like this happen, people around us will tell us, don’t dwell on it for too long. Learn to forgive and forget.

The thing about this “forgive and forget” is that it never work for most of us. How can we forget something that has such a big impact (good or bad) in our life before? How can we forget setbacks which have taught us those valuable life lessons? How can we ignore the things that our loved ones did not long ago?

Well, we can’t and we don’t need to. The burnt marks will always be there, but they are not that bad.

All we need to do is to forgive. It’s okay to remember those things, but learn to let go and forgive. Pick it up from there and move on with our life as a better person.

I’m saying this because, there will be times when our loved ones say the wrong things to us during an argument. You know, when everything is so heat up, people tend to lose their cool and not think properly before they speak. And once spoken, there’s no “UNDO” button that we can use or “Recall” option like our Microsoft Outlook. We will have to let those words sink in, and do whatever mess they want to do in our heart.

Then, we need to let go. We need to know that people do tend to say the wrong words once in a while. But as long as they know and they are sorry…..then we must make sure we forgive them and never dig back the past again.

From a personal experience, a loved one said something to me few days ago which hurt me very badly. And I can still remember those words clearly.

But do I hate her for it? Do I dislike her for it?

No. Because she has already apologised and we need to let bygones be bygones.

And no, I cannot forget because I don’t have short term memory loss. But that doesn’t mean, I cannot forgive.

And to me, the willingness to forgive should always be there in our heart because it will really bring us far.

So, learn to forgive 🙂

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