Take it slow

Have you ever experienced this – late for an appointment, and driving very fast so that you can get there in time? I have. And I don’t like it.

Rushing is bad. Be it rushing for a….

  • project deadline – you might produce more problematic deliverables which you will have to fix later….thus spending more time
  • job interview – you might end up sweating all over and panic/nervous…which means you might not do well and keep calm during interview
  • date – don’t think the other half likes to see you sweating and trying to catch breath while pretending to be cool and calm
  • TV show – this….is quite stupid. Why are you rushing for something which you can watch online, download or buy a DVD?
  • movie/concert – ever considered the fact that….you might not get a car park when you reach the venue/mall late? So in this case, the earlier the better.
  • meeting after lunch – which means you have to ‘swallow’ your food instead of slowly consuming them

or it can be anything at all.

The funny thing is, most of us know that rushing will most likely give bad outcomes – driving fast leads to car accidents, you’re endangering the lives of others on the road, indigestion, panicky mood, bad impression, problematic deliverables/products, etc.

And yet, we don’t plan ahead. We never plan ahead (most of the time). We are always taking our own sweet time initially…only to rush at the very end when we realized we’ve relaxed way too much or when we realized we’re running short of time.

So, for a change, why not we plan ahead and make sure we have enough time for everything? Don’t rush. It’s bad and it’s dangerous.

And also, you won’t be able to enjoy life if you tend to rush a lot. Take it slow. Enjoy every moment.

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