Don’t quit your job

Becoming tired of your job? Or feeling your life has been turned upside down by your over-demanding boss? Feels that it’s actually better to quit and take a break, even if you have yet to find another job? After all, life is not all about money and work. Life is short and you have the rights to enjoy! So go ahead and quit !

Don’t do that.

Some of my friends have walked down that path before, and most of them did not end up well. I understand that life is not about work stress….and definitely not about getting upset with your job. We all want and need to lead our life happily. But if we quit our job without thinking twice, we might end up on the receiving end of all the bad things – jobless, unable to pay loans, unable to support family, low self-confidence, getting our family worried, and the worst…jumping head first into a deeper shit (worse job) just because you are starting to get desperate.

Don’t believe? Now, let’s imagine you have been jobless for 6 months, and you are attending an interview now. Here are 2 possible scenarios that you might encounter:

Scenario 1

Interviewer : Why isn’t there any job experience stated in your CV since your last job 6 months ago?

You : I was not working.

Interviewer : Why? What were you doing then?

You: I went to attend some classes/courses/education, etc.

Interviewer : Do you have any cert to prove that?

The above will be okay if you have something to prove. If you do, you have nothing much to fear. And to be honest, this is the ONLY reason why someone should quit his job without finding another job (besides medical reasons which must be supported by the doctor’s letter). Anything other than this, will not be good.

Scenario 2

Interviewer : What were you doing in the past 6 months without any form of income?

You : I went to vacation in Australia.

Interviewer : Hmm, so you can go for a vacation and survived 6 months without income.


Scenario 3

Interviewer : What were you doing in the past 6 months without any form of income? Did you go to vacation or something?

You : No, I couldn’t find a job.

Interviewer : Why?

You : I don’t know. Maybe there’s no suitable job?


In above cases, the interviewer might still offer you the job if your experience matches, but do not expect your salary to be competitive due to few things:

  • He assumes that you are quite rich, since you already can survive 6 months without pay and was not desperate for any income.
  • Your skillset might be a bit outdated due to being away from the industry for 6 months.
  • Or the interviewer might realize that…now that you are back and 6 months without pay…you should be desperate for a job. If that’s the case, you might be willing to work at a minimal pay.

Or he might not hire you at all based on few assumptions:

  • You might just quit your current job to go off for another round of 6 months vacation sometime soon.
  • Maybe you are just one of those people who do not have a good working attitude since you recklessly quit your job without thinking about your income.
  • You could be asking too much from a company. A perfectionist. Perhaps this was why you couldn’t find a suitable job in the past 6 months. In other words, you are a difficult employee to please.
  • And worst of all, you might be regarded as someone who will not be “professional” in his job. An irresponsible employee. A quitter.

No matter how you look at it….quitting your job before you found another job brings more harm than good. You should always have a form of backup plan before you make a big decision such as this. Think about your commitments, your family, and how would you survive without income. And if you can’t do that, then at the very least, think of how you can talk your way out from your next interview so that the interviewer will not low-ball your salary.

Hope this helps.



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