The 7 attributes an entrepreneur should have

Note: this is an old post from a very old blog of mine. It was a very popular article 🙂

I came across a local magazine on Entrepreneurship last Saturday. One of the articles which caught my attention was on the habits an entrepreneur should have. To be honest, I could not remember everything there…….so…… i’ll just merge what I am able to remember, with my own personal opinion on the habits an entrepreneur should have.

Creative – An entrepreneur needs to be creative and innovative. His/her ability to create something new, or to modify something old into something useful will be very crucial in the world of entrepreneurship. The main point here is, be creative to provide value to the customer.

Good leader – A successful entrepreneur needs to be a good leader. He/she needs to know how to handle the staff as well as the business/products. A good employment policy to retain the company’s best people might be the entrepreneur’s only advantage over his/her competitors.

Good communicator – The ability to deliver the right idea across in a right way is always an important skill to have, not only to an entrepreneur but to other people as well. Being a good communicator will help the entrepreneur in sales/marketing, promoting teamwork, effective discussion with the staff, etc.

Balanced life – Being an entrepreneur means leading a very busy life. You will most probably be very occupied with your business, your employees, your customers, etc….but you should never ever abandon your personal life – your family and friends. Your family and friends will always be there to support you when your business is not in a good condition. Therefore, don’t turn away from them….neither should you turn away from your business. Strike a balance.

Hardworking – Hardworking is the next attribute an entrepreneur should have. An entrepreneur needs to work hard to improve himself/herself constantly, to come out with new ideas, to try many different things, etc.

Persistent – Persistent is the next nature of a successful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur should always have the “never-say-die” attitude. Failing once or twice, or even 99 times (like what Thomas Alva Edison did) is no big deal. The main thing is to keep carry on until you’ve succeeded.

Being an entrepreneur is nevery easy. Being a successful entrepreneur is perhaps 10x more difficult than being a normal entrepreneur. It might take a lot more than having the 7 attributes above, in order to be successful in the world of entrepreneurship.

Again, I might’ve missed out some essential attributes an entrepreneur should have. Do feel free to give me feedbacks and post up your comments if you have anything to add. :)


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