Beware of people who talk bad about others

Some people love to spread rumor. Sometimes even twisting the rumor to their own preferences (customising?). Some can be ridiculously funny, some harmless but some can be very bad and mean.

Perhaps they have a lot of creativity juice in them or perhaps, they have the dream of becoming a tabloid writer or a novelist? Whatever they want to be or want to do, one piece of advice to them – don’t overdo it.

Harmless stuff can be fun. But not when it becomes twisted from the truth. And definitely not when you spread the false stuff to other people.

Always remember what you say and do, show what kind of person you are even if you yourself don’t know it. 

If you can talk bad about me in front of A, B and C, what makes A, B, C think that you won’t talk bad about them in front of other people?

Do some self-reflection before it’s too late.

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