Having more certificates doesn’t make you smarter.

Driving a bigger car doesn’t mean you’re richer.

Reaching your destination earlier doesn’t mean you’re a skillful driver.

Using a more expensive camera doesn’t make you a better photographer.

Staying in a big 3-storey house doesn’t mean you can look down on your other neighbours.

Being there doesn’t mean you’re fulfilling your duty as a good son/daughter (especially if you’re not listening).

Having more experience doesn’t mean your decision is always right.

Working more hours doesn’t mean you are more efficient.

Finishing more books doesn’t make you more knowledgeable.

Drinking more alcohol doesn’t make you more man.

Smoking more cigarrettes doesn’t make you cooler.


And having all the above, not necessarily will make you happier.

But one thing for sure, having all the above does not mean your life is more precious and you are worth more than other people around you.

Remember, throw away your misconceptions because more often than not, those are the things that keep you blinded for so long.

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