Stop taking things for granted

We live in a world of uncertainties. Job uncertainties. Security uncertainties. Relationship uncertainties. You name it, you have it. It’s just part of our life and our world that we need to deal with.

Yes, “deal with it” is the phrase. Some of us might be thinking that these things will never happen to us. That our plan will always work. Things will always work as we have planned.

So we indulge in things like we will still get paid in the coming months, consume unhealthy food everyday like we won’t get heart attack tomorrow, ignoring our spouse like he/she will never walk away from us, not spending time with our family like they will still be with us tomorrow, or spending our working hour doing non-work related stuff like we’re too valuable for the company to fire us.

We take things for granted.

Stop that. Because things don’t last forever. Not your seemingly safe job. Not your seemingly healthy body. Not your family.

So before you regret, perhaps it’s better for you to stop taking things for granted. Start appreciating things more.

  • Spend more time with your family.
  • Communicate more with your spouse.
  • Be on time in your job.
  • Stop wasting other people’s time.
  • Save up some money for your emergency fund so that you are recession-proof.
  • Spend money wisely and not simply waste it.
  • Be dedicated to your job and prove your worth to your company.
  • Start more personal projects that you are passionate about.
  • Contribute more to the society and charity.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat healthily. Ok to indulge in unhealthy but nice food once in a while.
  • Sleep early and rest sufficiently.
  • Take things easily. Don’t fret too much over everything.
  • Enjoy life.

Sounds simple? Actually it is simple but most people don’t do that. Most of us take things for granted and never appreciate the people and things we have until we lost them.

So, make a change. Help more, treasure more and love more…while you still can.

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