A new beginning

This is a brand new blog of mine. Some of you might’ve known me from my previous blog at http://blog.alvinlim.info which has since been abandoned and stopped. The domain has expired and I’ve decided to move to this new domain of mine 🙂

The bad news is, the past articles have all been wiped off due to the hosting company’s server issue…and I did not have any backup.

The good news is, I have decided to blog once again, after being away from it for nearly a year.

It’ll be a new beginning…everything from ground up…everything from scratch.

But I’ll continue and hopefully, this humble blog of mine which gonna talk about a wide range of topics from life, self-help, career to finance, will help you in one way or another. And hopefully, I can help make this world a better place.

This is one of my ways to contribute back to the society….one step at a time.

p/s… some of my old articles have proved to be very useful to people. Unfortunately, I really have no way to rescue them. I do hope I’ll be able to come out with more of those articles in this new blog. 

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