The best gift in the world

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The best gift in the world is none other than time.

The time you spend….

  • Chatting with your family.
  • Accompanying your spouse to the clinic.
  • Listening to a troubled friend.
  • Having fun with your kids/nieces/nephews.
  • Caring for your aging parents.
  • Brainstorming a solution to a problem for your boss.
  • Walking in the park with your loved ones.
  • Attending your child’s birthday party or graduation.

The time you spend….by being there, 100%.

Simple as it is, it CAN mean a lot to your loved ones. Much more than you initially thought it is.

Remember that your time is your life. And nothing beats giving your life as a gift to your loved ones. Most often than not, giving your time (your life) as a gift can mean much much more than giving money, branded goods, or luxury items.

Just make sure that you’re giving it with a sincere heart, and will be there 100% and not half-heartedly. :)

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Take it slow

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Have you ever experienced this – late for an appointment, and driving very fast so that you can get there in time? I have. And I don’t like it.

Rushing is bad. Be it rushing for a….

  • project deadline – you might produce more problematic deliverables which you will have to fix later….thus spending more time
  • job interview – you might end up sweating all over and panic/nervous…which means you might not do well and keep calm during interview
  • date – don’t think the other half likes to see you sweating and trying to catch breath while pretending to be cool and calm
  • TV show – this….is quite stupid. Why are you rushing for something which you can watch online, download or buy a DVD?
  • movie/concert – ever considered the fact that….you might not get a car park when you reach the venue/mall late? So in this case, the earlier the better.
  • meeting after lunch – which means you have to ‘swallow’ your food instead of slowly consuming them

or it can be anything at all.

The funny thing is, most of us know that rushing will most likely give bad outcomes – driving fast leads to car accidents, you’re endangering the lives of others on the road, indigestion, panicky mood, bad impression, problematic deliverables/products, etc.

And yet, we don’t plan ahead. We never plan ahead (most of the time). We are always taking our own sweet time initially…only to rush at the very end when we realized we’ve relaxed way too much or when we realized we’re running short of time.

So, for a change, why not we plan ahead and make sure we have enough time for everything? Don’t rush. It’s bad and it’s dangerous.

And also, you won’t be able to enjoy life if you tend to rush a lot. Take it slow. Enjoy every moment.

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What makes you happy?

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Really, what makes you happy? What are the things that make you feel alive?

If you say it’s the 9-5 work, then good for you. But I can say that people like you are very rare indeed. :P

For most of us, it’ll be small things like hobbies, passions, family, etc. It can be anything ranging from something simple such as writing, diving, gardening, to something more extreme such as skydiving, mountain climbing, etc. Or it could be spending time with your kids, and watching them grow up. Or watching movies, and reading books.

The list goes on and on and on. And the list can be very different from one person to another.

But enough of the things that you already know.

What I want to say is, if you already know what makes you happy…..then why aren’t you doing more of them? Don’t you want to be happy?

Or, you’re going to tell me you don’t have the time? Everyone of us has the same amount of time. It’s up to you to manage it. And if you say you’re very busy with your work and you’re neglecting things that make you happy…things that make you feel alive….don’t you think there’s something wrong somewhere?

Perhaps it’s time to reflect a little before it’s too late?

And if you tell me you don’t have the money to support whatever that you like…….I’m sure there are things which come free.

And if you tell me you are not happy even after doing things that you initially thought are going to make you happy…….then you’re not trying hard enough to find the things that you REALLY love.

Simple as it sounds, most people actually don’t do what they like. They don’t have a hobby or a passion that make the tick. They give countless excuses why they have no time and no money to do all those things. They are creating a huge barrier in between themselves, and the things that make them feel alive.

So, are you one of those people too? Remember….it’s your choice.

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New customers are more important than existing ones?

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Most companies are spending tonnes of money on marketing to attract new customers. Free gifts, bonus reward points, roadshows, extended warranties, etc.

After spending so much money, the companies would expect their number of new customers to grow.

But having more new customers do not mean having more customers.

Total customers = New customers + Existing customers

What about the existing customers? Is there any existing promotion, or free service upgrade or free warranty extension for them? More often than not, there’s nothing for the existing customers. I find it quite amusing that most companies, in their pursuit of having more new customers, start to assume that their existing customers would not leave them for anyone else.

But they are wrong. Unless we’re talking about a monopolised market (like our national telco…which is also under threat from few companies), chances are, existing customers will leave if there’s a better bargain out there.

And once they’ve left, it’s even harder to attract them back. It could be even more expensive than attracting new customers (unless the new service sucks and the customers have no choice but to fall back to the old service).

However, instead of hoping the services provided by other competitors sucks more than your company’s service, isn’t it better to think of ways to make your customers (new and old) remain loyal to you?

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Stop taking things for granted

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We live in a world of uncertainties. Job uncertainties. Security uncertainties. Relationship uncertainties. You name it, you have it. It’s just part of our life and our world that we need to deal with.

Yes, “deal with it” is the phrase. Some of us might be thinking that these things will never happen to us. That our plan will always work. Things will always work as we have planned.

So we indulge in things like we will still get paid in the coming months, consume unhealthy food everyday like we won’t get heart attack tomorrow, ignoring our spouse like he/she will never walk away from us, not spending time with our family like they will still be with us tomorrow, or spending our working hour doing non-work related stuff like we’re too valuable for the company to fire us.

We take things for granted.

Stop that. Because things don’t last forever. Not your seemingly safe job. Not your seemingly healthy body. Not your family.

So before you regret, perhaps it’s better for you to stop taking things for granted. Start appreciating things more.

  • Spend more time with your family.
  • Communicate more with your spouse.
  • Be on time in your job.
  • Stop wasting other people’s time.
  • Save up some money for your emergency fund so that you are recession-proof.
  • Spend money wisely and not simply waste it.
  • Be dedicated to your job and prove your worth to your company.
  • Start more personal projects that you are passionate about.
  • Contribute more to the society and charity.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat healthily. Ok to indulge in unhealthy but nice food once in a while.
  • Sleep early and rest sufficiently.
  • Take things easily. Don’t fret too much over everything.
  • Enjoy life.

Sounds simple? Actually it is simple but most people don’t do that. Most of us take things for granted and never appreciate the people and things we have until we lost them.

So, make a change. Help more, treasure more and love more…while you still can.

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